So what's the point?

To give your users a way to access your site in a truly anonymous way and to provide an alternative route for those who can't access it because of censorship. Even Facebook found it worthwhile to have a .onion entry point despite their notorious anti-anonimity stance.

But can't they already do it via Tor exit nodes anyway?

Sure. But exit nodes are slow and dangerous, while the mirror we'll create for you is fast and safe.

Can't I "onionize" my site by simply installing Tor on my server and making a simple change to the webserver config?

Yes you can. And should! But few people / companies seem to bother, so we decided to make it even easier. Also, see the next question.

Won't my .onion site be abused for automated traffic (spamming, scraping, etc.)?

No. The mirror we create comes with a built-in bot protection.

Shall I own the .onion address you'll create for me?

Yes, if you are a paying customer. If you use the free plan, you can always purchase your .onion name from us for a fixed fee of 0.05 BTC